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Power & Conpower®

This page is designed to quickly choose and order a power spring  as a sample or prototype.  For this reason there are certain specifications, which are not included in the table, that are not controlled.  This includes, but is not limited to, the location of the inner tab of the spring.  It is recommended that you contact one of our design engineers at 215-721-1721 to discuss the specifications that are required for a specific project.  Please handle the springs carefully as they are under stress and can cause injury.

Vulcan Spring is a leading high-volume spring manufacturer producing millions of flat steel springs each year along with mechanical reels and many other types of springs and assemblies.  We primarily supply our products to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who use our products as components in their products.

Offered as a convenience only, we do offer an online store for a small selection of “stock” items available for purchase with a minimum order of $200 with your credit card.  All sales are final.   Please contact our sales team for higher quantity and custom configurations for your volume application.


Part Number

Type Torque (in-lbs) Arbor Size (in) Number of Turns Case I.D. (in) Width (in)
SCP4G202VS Conpower 0.41 0.250 44.00 1.50 0.500
SCP7.5D50VS Conpower 0.73 0.250 11.50 1.00 0.250
SCP6G135VS Conpower 0.93 0.250 30.00 1.50 0.500
SCP8G108VS Conpower 1.65 0.250 22.00 1.50 0.500
SCP10G81VS Conpower 2.58 0.250 17.00 1.50 0.500
SCP18D162VS Conpower 4.20 0.625 14.00 2.80 0.250
SCP13G59VS Conpower 4.32 0.250 11.50 1.50 0.500
SPS16F77VS Power 4.50 0.250 12.00 1.80 0.375
SPS20F65VS Power 7.00 0.250 9.00 1.80 0.375
SCP18G198VS Conpower 8.30 0.625 16.50 3.0 0.500