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Vulcan Spring introduced the Pullbox® security tether family to the point of purchase market many years ago.  This product is so well recognized that the registered trademark of “Pullbox®” is often used as a generic term.  We followed the Pullbox up with the VS-1 family of tethers with a more compact, swivel design.  We continue to innovate and configure our tethers to meet our customers specific requirements with quick turnaround and unsurpassed quality.

While the majority of our customers use high volumes of custom configured tethers, designed by our sales and engineering team, we do offer a small selection of “stock” items both in the Pullbox® and VS-1 families.  These items are available for your perusal on these pages.  They can be purchased by credit card with a minimum order of $200.   Please contact our sales team for assistance for this and the aforementioned, high volume, custom designs to meet your display requirements.

Part Number Max. Cable Pull Force Cable Extension Length End Detail
VS36-P1B 1/8 lb. 36 in Ball
VS36-P2T 1/4 lb. 36 in .196" Ring Terminal
VS36-P2B 1/4 lb. 36 in Ball
VS36-P5T 1/2 lb. 36 in .196" Ring Terminal